Friday rant at the President

October 16, 2009 - Leave a Response

Mr. President,

It seems like (y)our progressive agenda is slipping into the stinking compost heap of Great Lost Possibilities. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, I’d really appreciate it if you’d step up and actually change something, instead of accepting half-assed repairs to our broken systems. Did you know that you are the leader of the Democratic Party? I read that somewhere, and I think it means that when Democratic members of Congress screw with your agenda, you can screw with their campaign funding, or even support people against them in primary elections.  What’s that? You respect the separation of powers between co-equal branches of government as established by our Constitution? Wow is that retarded.  The Executive branch has been hording more power for a century or more.  So, you’re thinking like the constitutional law professor you were and trying to restore balance, playing with one hand tied behind your back as if that will undue the abuses of past presidents. It won’t. And when the Republicans return to the White House, they will not abide by your high-minded ideals.  That’s one of the many ways by which they get what they want, and we screw ourselves. If you fail to use the power you inherited to force unpleasant and NECESSARY reform, your highly principled failure will ultimately be for nothing if (or when) our nation lies in ruins.  You need(ed) to use the powers accumulated by previous administrations to undue what’s been done, not give up those powers and then try to fix things on your own terms.  And Mr. President, if you find you need a hand, ask Hillary for some of her balls.

Your friend,

M. A. Knuti


Let’s meet the author!

October 16, 2009 - Leave a Response

Statistics show that while a couple friends might read my blog out of curiosity/pity, they don’t click on the “About” section, because really, who the fuck would? So, I’ll post it here!

We’re heading towards the probable collapse of our civilization, and the possible extinction of our species.  Can you feel it? taste it? smell it? I feel nauseous, my mouth tastes like processed cheese and ashes, and I smell the eggy farts of our coming demise.  Is this just the panic of living in a declining empire? Will we be saved by nano-robots that will scrub away the pollution and trim my pubes in that perfect, makes-It-look-bigger-but-not-pre-pubescent kind of way? I hope so, but maybe we shouldn’t risk it. Maybe it’s time for a new configuration for human society.

I’m Matthew August Knuti.  People say I’m smart and I went to fancy schools.  I have no real power and I lack the cash, influence, and/or guns needed to really start some shit. Read my blog and then do nothing about it. readygo.